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The countdown continues and – officially – there are 200 days to go before the 2020 LyonSainteLyon.

Now 200 is just a number and it’s still quite a way from the time when I am kicking off with the specific training plan for the race. But it’s a round number and so why not recognize it, right?

So what do you do when you’re 200 days out from a race that you didn’t do last week when you were 203 days out from the race?

Not a whole lot, really. Remember, this is base building time and as long as I am getting out of the apartment regularly and finding time in my week to run, then I am doing enough right now to prepare for the training plan when it arrives. It’s May, after all, and I am still eight weeks out from the first of the planned sessions.

No stress, not yet.

Well, not running stress. Plenty of other stress to deal with, especially around the house with the deteriorating nanny situation, a whole mess of work to do, a couple of kids to manage including one that we have to teach, and a big deadline rapidly approaching on Friday that is looking more and more likely to provoke some sort of combination of all-nighter or way-too-early-morning.

But for the moment, there’s a run to get in.

I had to fit this one in at the end of the day which is not always ideal. For a run commute? Maybe, well definitely if it is running back from the office. But right now almost nobody is in the office and so “run commuting” is mainly me moving from the couch to my desk in the corner of the living room. The end of the day means it is likely 6 or 8 hours since I ate, it comes hard on the heels of a huge webinar I just finished hosting for a client (and all the mental stress that comes with nailing that), and it needs to be squeezed into that strange evening period after one kid goes to bed but before the other one does, and just as the sun is going down, too. So not perfect timing for a run and a post-run shower but it’ll do.

After yesterday’s encouraging effort, I figured I would just try and get a nice even run in once again. If last week was all about the 30-40 minute argh run, this week is shaping up to be about the steadier, slightly longer run. I’ve had enough of the Soane for the moment, so instead I headed to the Rue de Republique, over the Rhone, and dropped onto the path heading upriver in direction of the park.

How to describe the way that the locals are dealing with the first weeks of no more lockdown? Think of social distancing…then whatever you aren’t thinking of…that’s it.

The riversides are packed with people drinking, eating, playing, and not staying away from each other. If this COVID-19 kicks up a gear once again, I’m betting it is because of days like this and evenings like tonight: warm, a little breeze, and far too easy to head outside.

I headed towards the park and then crossed back over the river to head up to the Croix Rousse. The climb up Eugene Pons is steep but worth it for the burn. I hiked it and was running again before the hospital at the top of the hill. A nice descent through the Pentes, a quick crossing of the 1st arrondissement, and I was back at there Place des Jacobins and feeling good.

Until tomorrow…

  • Distance: 7.5km
  • Time: 43:45
  • Garmin Connect: Link