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About Me

My name is Dylan Kissane.

I’m 40 years old, an ex-pat Australian, a husband, a father of two boys, and I’m an ultrarunner.

I discovered the world of ultrarunning in 2015 when I ran my first 12 hour race just a few weeks after completing my first half marathon. Probably not the wisest choice, to be sure, but then there’s a lot about ultrarunning that doesn’t look very wise from the outside.

In the years the followed I ran a variety of ultramarathons ranging from a pleasant 50K in a Paris park to a 175K epic in Switzerland. I’ve run timed races, I’ve run fat ass races, and I’ve run on the trail and the road. I’ve run in the French national 100K championship race (I finished well behind the winners but it was a great day out in the Somme) and I’ve taken on some ultra challenges that everyday ultrarunners might baulk at (Ultra Boucle de la Sarra, anyone?)

This blog is a record of my training and life heading towards the one big ultra that I am running in 2020, the LyonSainteLyon. After the COVID-19 lockdown in France in March, April, and May, there just aren’t all that many races scheduled for the rest of the year that I would be fit to take on. Hence, this is the one and (really) only ultra target for the year for me.

The race itself is 154km and run in two halves: the first is from Lyon to Saint Etienne and the second leg is from Saint Etienne to Lyon. You get to rest between the two legs, though just how much time you get to rest depends on how long you take to get to Saint Etienne. As the morning trip starts at 9:30am and the trip back starts promptly at 11:50pm, you can manage your pace but you sure can’t dawdle on the way to the midpoint.

I’ve been wanting to run this race for a couple of years and I’m finally registered and – fingers crossed -it will go ahead despite the overhanging health concerns related to COVID-19. If it does, I’ll be there and with some good preparation, some decent training, a good mental state, and a little luck, I’ll be able to tell you the tale right here.

Personal Records


20:32 (Lyon, FRA – 2017)


3:24:54 (Lyon, FRA – 2018)

50 Mile

8:02 (Saint Fons, FRA – 2017)

6 Hour

63.07km (Tullins, FRA – 2018)


43:07 (Lyon, FRA – 2016)


4:47 (Saint Fons, FRA – 2017)

100 Mile

22:10 (Villeneuve, SUI – 2017)

12 Hour

116.3km (Saint Fons, FRA – 2017)

Half Marathon

1:30:29 (Lyon, FRA – 2017)


10:26 (Amiens, FRA – 2016)


25:22 (Villeneuve, SUI – 2017)

24 Hour

106.1km (Lyon, FRA – 2017)

Best Results

2017: 1st @ CIEC 6 Hour

2017: 5th @ Ultratour du Leman (175km)

2017: 2nd @ 12 Hours of Saint Fons

 2017: 6th @ Self Transcendence 50K Paris

2016: 4th @ 6 Hours of Saint Fons