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I know, I know: it’s not summer yet.

And I know: climate change, global warming, plastic straws, and sad polar bears mean it is going to get hot earlier and earlier each year.

But, come on: it’s mid-May and I’m sweating like a pig leaving the apartment to run at 8:00pm at night, for chrissakes!


Tonight was about getting out for an hour to clear my head and move my legs a little after a very long day at work. I started just before 5am, took a short lunch break to give the wife a break from looking after the kid about 1:00pm, then dove back in to finish at about 6:00pm. On the bright side I got a lot of work done in that time and I am confident that the big project due tomorrow will, in fact, be delivered tomorrow. But it does make for a long day.

I just wanted to spend a little time on my feet but the sun was still beating down from a cloudless sky, so I told the wife I would try and find some shadows to run in. It was hard going and I didn’t have the legs or the lungs to run fast but I zig-zagged my way up the Pentes until the hill became a little too much to bear in the sun. I then dove down a staircase and found myself blissfully entering the tunnel beneath the Croix-Rousse.

For a full 1700 meters I ran in the cool air of the tunnel and, as I got to the other side, briefly contemplated running back the other way to maintain the chill. Against my better judgement, I decided one pass was enough and headed up the hill again via the switchbacks on the Saone side of the hill. At the top (eventually…) I twisted and turned my way back down the hill, took a few steep sections down, ran a couple of staircases, snapped a photo of one of the local squares, and then wound my way back to the Place des Jacobins.

The last few hundred meters saw me run a near-deserted Rue de Mercière which, on a non-COVID-19 related evening, would have been bustling with diners and tourists looking for tables to sample local fare. Instead it was dead, save for a few people waiting on takeaway sushi from the bad sushi shop and takeaway burgers from one of the better burger bars.

All up I managed about 8 kilometers and a minor sunstroke – looking forward to the cold shower…

Distance: 8.2km

Time: 56:39

Garmin Connect: Link