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Legs still hurting this morning (a little DOMS, perhaps?) and even a little numb. That’s not super worrying but it is something to keep in mind in case it continues, right? I had a whole day of work ahead of me as well as some childcare duties to fulfill – the new nanny starts on Monday, thank goodness! – but I was looking forward to spending the evening hiking the hills around Lyon. It would be nice to be outside for a while, see a little of the city after sunset, and get some kilometers in my legs even if I am not running…on these sore, numb legs. Weird, huh?

I didn’t take a lot with me save for a phone, some headphones, and some water. I usually don’t take water for a shorter run, maybe up to 90 minutes, but I was planning to head out for a little longer than that. I had some podcasts to listen to and the headphones were in before I even got going starting with a Ten Junk Miles gang show, and with a few business podcasts cued up for when it was done.

I started off crossing the Saone and then turned downriver heading for the confluence point. I was going to retrace a route I walked the previous weekend, heading through Mulatiere to Sainte Foy where I would start a climb and turn back towards Lyon. The climb is gradual but also a little steep in parts, and by the time I had managed to pass back into Mulatiere I had one about a third of the climbing for the hike. There’s a longer climb out of this point and I just kept it nice and even while maintaining the pace I was shooting for. Step by step, onwards and upwards.

Eventually I started to long and shallow descent towards Saint Just and the 5th arrondissement. It is a descent and you can feel the downhill but it’s also clear that you aren’t going to be dropping down to the river again. By this point the sun was well and truly down and while it wasn’t completely dark it was getting there. I had charged and brought along the headlamp but, being inside the city, I didn’t think I needed it yet.

On the outskirts of Saint Just I turned up the hill again and got a little more elevation in climbing up to the top of the hill. A swing to the right, a climb of the Rue de Trion, and then just as I caught sight of the basilica at Fourviere I headed down the hill once again. I was back besides the Saone and ready for the second part of the hike.

I followed the water upriver to Valmy, took the bridge across to the bottom of the Croix-Rousse, and then started the next climb up the Esses towards the top of the hill. This is a climb they’ll use in the Tour de France this year (they’ve used it in the Dauphine before) and while it is only short, it worked my legs a little more after the flats of the last couple of kilometers.

At the top I made a u-turn and headed towards the cemetery, switched over to the right and made for the metro station at Cuire, and then turned for Croix-Rousse proper. I was into the final kilometers now and heading towards the three hour mark on my feet, too. The final drop down through the Pentes was very familiar, I passed by Terreaux, and then made the last push to the Place des Jacobins where I clicked stop on the Garmin with the hike done.

  • Distance: 20.2km
  • Time: 2:45:24
  • Garmin Connect: Link