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Today I closed out a project that I had been working on for more than two months and, man, was it good to finally knock it over. While it is likely that there are going to be a few minor re-writes and maybe even a couple of major ones on a couple of the webpages I’ve rewritten, the majority of the work is done and the deadline was met. All up it was something in the order of a 45,000 word copywriting project and – along with all the other work I have had on plus the lockdown plus the childcare when the nanny either wasn’t here or bailed altogether – I’m glad to have hit ‘send’ on the submission email.

Of course, the mental drain that this project had on me combined with the heat of the day to drain me physically, too. So, by the time I came to the end of the afternoon, bathed and fed the baby, got him off to sleep, and pulled on my running clothes, I was already spent. I figured I wouldn’t be able to run long or far but I could still get a workout in by heading for the hill across the river and heading up it as steadily as I could.

Crossing the Saone I scooted around the courthouse and started up the climb. I have to say I was breathing heavily on the bottom slopes where it is steepest but by about halfway up I had found my rhythm. I crested at Saint Just and continued up Trio to Fourviere, did the down and up to get to the basilica, and then started back through the gardens on the way down the hill again. I was running the flats and downhills and hiking the uphills, or at least any uphill that was sustained for more than 100 meters or so.

Leaving the gardens, I hit the stairs down to the Old City, slid back around the courthouse, and headed back to the Place des Jacobins. It was a short run, er, hike, but it felt good to have finished the project and good to close out the week with a little exercise, if only for a short time.

Onto the weekend…

  • Distance: 4.5km
  • Time: 33:59
  • Garmin Connect: Link