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After yesterday’s stair session and a short night of sleep (4 hours, not much more) I started the day fully intending to head out again in the evening.

That was not to be.

A stressful day of work, childcare, and dealing with ongoing French employment law and a recalcitrant nanny, and I was done. The legs were heavy, too, and I was feeling the lack of sleep, so I decided to take a relaxing walk in the afternoon instead and save myself for what I have planned for Friday night: a long power hike.

Walking with the baby is usually a bit of fun. Everything is new for him and so every building we pass, doorway we pass, goose we see, or duck that we pass by the river is brand new and exciting. He is babbling away, not quite at the forming words stage yet, and this is amusing, too.

We headed away from the apartment in the center of town and followed the Rhone down to Saint Clair. Crossing over the river to the International City, we then cut through the Parc de la Tete d’Or and made our way back on the left bank of the Rhone towards the center of the city again.

The wife messaged us at this point to let us know she was heading out to collect a package. I suggested connecting up and that’s what we did, calling the walk short after a little more than 8 kilometers and a nice loop around the river.

Tomorrow night things should be easier, and for a couple of reasons.

It won’t be the lack of work because I’m again starting at 5am and working the day through. I have a break for lunch for about half an hour, and I will pitch in with the childcare at the end of the day, too, but as the wife has the whole day off it’s going to fall on her to do most of the heavy lifting while I catch up on working for clients.

The extra sleep tonight will help, though, and I hope to get a good seven hours. 

And knowing I can wake on a Saturday morning when the baby wakes at around 7am means that doing a three- or four-hour hike on a Friday night will work out fine. 

Let’s see if things go to plan, shall we?