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Another long day but a productive one: I knocked out six hours of work before 10:30am, looked after the kids all day, and then closed out the afternoon with a 45 minute call and I was done.

The day’s run had to wait for the early evening once again when the baby was in bed and the bigger boy off to his Mum’s for the long weekend. I didn’t get started until just on 8:00pm, a fact that was reinforced by the people clapping for the local healthcare workers from their windows above the street. This is a nice tradition that started in the lockdown and has continued since, a little national gratitude that is a nice thing to see in this day and age.

I has already settled on some hills as I have a big day of work planned for tomorrow – something like 12 hours to fit in, and it’s a public holiday in France! – and I wanted to be home in time to get some shut eye before the early tart. A hill session would be a good way to get a workout in without needing to spend too much time on my feet, and when the wife made a request for some grocery items on the way home, it settled things for me.

A hill session, then a stop at the supermarket, then home for a shower, a write up, and bed.

I headed across the river Saone from home, twisted to the bottom of the Fourviere hill, and headed up. I got up to Saint Just, continued on my way up to Sainte Irene, and then started the descent down to the river once more. All in all it is about a 2.5 kilometer to 3 kilometer climb and I concentrated on keeping it steady as she went.

The descent was easier, of course, and I kept the legs turning over. I paused once to cross the road and snap a photo of the Confluence region from up high (check the blog’s Instagram for the pic) and then continued the drop down to the right bank. A quick pass over the bridge, a cut across the Place Carnot, and then straight down the Rue Victor Hugo until I hit the 5K mark where I clicked stop on the Garmin and headed to the supermarket for the Red Bull and Coke that the wife had requested.

Do I know my place in the family pecking order? Absolutely.

  • Distance: 5km
  • Time: 32:52
  • Garmin Connect: Link