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A radio talk show host I used to listen to a lot used to start his shows with the phrase, “Morning Glory, Evening Grace”.

I always liked that and it has stuck in my mind since. Occasionally it works its way to the front of my thoughts and this morning was one of those times. Having got sorted and still dealing with the childcare fallout from the nanny meltdown, I needed to get my run in early. It wasn’t going to be anything too long or too hard but it would be the fifth day out in a row after two months of doing nothing at all, so that would be a win.

I decided that I would try and just do 5K without stopping. Nothing too fast, just consistent forward movement and keeping the heart rate under control. Instead of heading to the hills for the third day in a row, I chose to stay on the flat, too, and jus run the path along the river: down to Valmy, then back until the 5K was done.

There weren’t all that many other people out when I made my way down to the river. A couple of runners, the odd walker, but other than that it was fairly empty. Just me, the water birds, and the morning air. I kept things nice and slow for the opening kilometer, then kept on keeping on for the next one. Around the half way mark there was a slight rise to negotiate to get back up to street level and cross the bridge over the Saone, but I didn’t slow down there too much and made the turnaround without an issue.

Heading back to the city center I concentrated on not losing my pace and, indeed, things were nice and consistent. I was only running 6:00 pace which is about 20% slower than I would like but it’ll do for right now. As I closed in on the Old City and the end of the 5K distance, I checked my watch and saw that I should be able to come in under 30:00 for the run. I resisted the urge to kick up the pace, though, and instead just kept it consistent. I kept reminding myself that this was week one of the post-lockdown period and that there would be plenty of time for speed next month and the month after – right now, it is about getting out there and getting it done.

I clicked stop on the Garmin when the 5K rolled over and then I made the short walk back home. I had managed to come in under the 30:00 barrier – just – and I was happy to tick off one of the goals for the day. Now onto the weekend where I won’t be running but will be working hard and managing the kids, too. There was a time when I would look forward to the break at the end of the week. Now it never seems to arrive…

  • Distance: 5.0km
  • Time: 29:53
  • Garmin Connect: Link