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Today was a strange day, and it was a normal day, too.

For the last couple of months we’ve struggled to get buy with my business, my wife’s full time and far-from-flexible hours, and two kids in the house to look after, one of whom is still young enough not to be able to be placed somewhere and asked to read, play a video, game, or amuse themselves for an hour or two while Dad works. To fit it all in I’ve been starting shifts at 5am, working until 10pm, and using the rest of the day to care for the kids and sneak in some work for the business whenever I can get them both distracted or asleep at the same time.

Now I am also trying to fit in some exercise and fitness in the post-lockdown reopening period, and that again has added some complexity. Essentially it means finding another hour in the day, usually at night after others are asleep, to fit this in. The reason why is because the wife cannot move her daytime work to another time, even earlier in the morning, the baby sleeps through the night (mostly) and so needs to be cared for during the day, and the older boy manages to do things during the day, too. The only time I really have for myself, then, is either before 5am or after almost everyone is in bed…and this in turn makes for short sleep periods. Really short.

I’m hoping this resolves itself somewhat in the next week where a new nanny arrives and things get back to some sort of normal, but I’m not super confident: after months of this sort of routine, my body is hurting, sleep-deprived, and it’ll take more than a week or two to come back from that.

Anyway, all of this in explanation as to why today I didn’t run and instead just took the baby on a walk. A long walk, mind you, in that we covered 10 kilometers and made a big loop through the 3rd, 7th, and 3nd arrondissements over the course of about 90 minutes. That’s a reasonable clip, too, in that we averaged just under 9 minutes per kilometer during that time. He enjoyed the sights, sounds, and wildlife we encountered, I enjoyed the stress relief, but I just didn’t feel up to running.

No matter, I will be back at it tomorrow and see how I feel then.

Hopefully better, more active, and with a little more sleep under my belt.

  • Distance: 10km
  • Time: 1:29:23
  • Garmin Connect: Link