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When I run I like to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

And when it comes to podcasts, my favorite hands down is Ten Junk Miles.

I’ve been listening to TJM almost since it launched and have fond memories of listening to a new episode in the hours before my first ever ultra in Ploeren, France, some years ago now. The team behind the podcast are funny, smart, and always engaging, and I honestly look forward to the episode dropping every single week.

There are really two sorts of shows that TJM puts out. The first is the ‘gang show’ where the hosts get together, drink some beers, chat about running, and generally amuse themselves and the listeners. The second are so-called ‘long runs’ where primary host, Scott, takes a deep dive with someone who is interesting to him and has some sort of running background. Rarely are they elite runners (though sometimes they are) but whoever they are, they always have a story to tell and Scott draws it out of them over the course of an hour or two.

Recently, in this period of COVID-19 and the pandemic-related lockdowns around the world, TJM started publishing new episodes almost daily. These episodes were called ‘Meet the Nation’ and were a chance for the listeners of the show to be featured on the podcast, introducing themselves, and explaining how they were coping with the pandemic.

Having long been in contact with Scott, he asked me to participate and I was happy to. I’ve linked the audio below.

Dylan Kissane

by Ten Junk Miles | Meet the Listeners #4

If you’re looking for a podcast to keep you company while you run I can heartily recommend TJM – check them out, download a few episodes, and pop in your earbuds next time you pull on your shoes for an hour on your feet.