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So, after the nanny meltdown yesterday, the rest of the week has been thrown into some chaos. 

It’s not that it cannot be managed because, well, it has to be managed. Childcare is one of those things that you can’t push to the side and you need to make it work somehow. I’m lucky that I can move things around a little bit flexibly with some clients, and that even those clients that have rigid deadlines are – presently – setting deadlines for the end of the month. If I manage to take a couple of days now to focus on things at home and get the childcare sorted, then I should be able to catch up in the next couple of weeks.

Of course, this is going to demand some weekend work and some late nights, too, but its manageable. Not ideal, but manageable. And in this period where people are losing friends, family, and livelihoods to a virus that no one really saw coming, I’m happy that we’re all still safe and well, the business is still moving forward, and that the worst thing right now is a time management problem.

Part of this time management is finding a time in the day for my run. I want so much to keep up the daily runs now as I know they’ll prepare me for the specific LyonSainteLyon training plan to come in July. I’m only working on basic fitness right now and this means getting out, running, eating well, sleeping where I can, and getting back out to do it again the next day. 

Rinse. Repeat.

That’s how you build a fitness base and that’s all I’m doing right now. Finding the time? That’s a challenge in itself and, today, it had to be in the morning before the world really woke up.

I headed off from home across the river with the plan to do stairs and hills. This would keep the pace down but the heart rate up, and it would help in building that fitness base. It would also mean I would not have to go so far from home as the stairs in and above the Old City in Lyon are steep enough to be a challenge and barely more than a few minutes jog from my door.

I started with the Montée du Gourguillon, reportedly the oldest street in Lyon and one of its steepest, too. It’s a fairly consistent 7.5 degree climb and there is some added difficulty in that the route is entirely paved with cobblestones. This makes it – on a morning like today and after a little overnight rain – slippery as all get out. My shoes were pretty decent at maintaining the traction and when I got to the top, I pushed on over.

At Saint Just I took the hill further up towards Fourviere, following the Rue de Trion as it weaves its way up to the top. A final up and down section took me past the basilica and then it was time to head downstairs.

Some 560-odd stairs later, I dropped down to the top of the next staircase, followed another hundred-odd down to Saint Paul, and then started winding my way back towards home after a morning of climbing. I threw in a final short uphill to bring the total up to a little more than 150 meters of elevation gain, and then crossed over the river, passed through the Rue Mercière, and clicked stop within a meter or two of where I started.

A good heart started for the day, if not a long distance to run, but then again if you are all about time management, it’s the efficiency that counts.

  • Distance: 4.6km
  • Time: 36:53
  • Garmin Connect: Link