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…and so tomorrow the lockdown comes to an end.

Sort of.

There are still going to be restrictions on a bunch of different things and some people – including people close to me – are still going to be scared of heading out into the world where people are (potentially) passing around the virus that has had us all confined to the indoors for the last two months.

I’m truly not sure what the world is going to look like. The phrase that is often repeated is ‘new normal’ and, indeed, it seems that here in France we’ll be entering a new normal where wearing masks in public is just what you do, and runners are looked at sideways if they aren’t wearing a buff over their mouth.

The lockdown began in France on 17 March and tomorrow is 11 May. That’s nearly a full two months of not really leaving the house. I can honestly count on one hand the number of times that I have left the apartment here in Lyon since the lockdown began. 

My wife hasn’t left at all, my youngest son has made a single trip to the doctor for a shot about a week ago.

I think things will take a while to feel right again.

I have a few things that I need to buy and so I will be heading out to shop at the stores pretty damn fast. Besides the run I have planned for tomorrow – I have to run, I need to run – I need to go and find some clothes that fit. As fate would have it, I have planned to go clothes shopping the weekend after the lockdown began. 

Then we locked down, and then I couldn’t go clothes shopping anymore.

I’ve been hitching a belt halfway around my body again to keep my way-too-big jeans from falling off me around the house. My shirts don’t really fit and some of the Mets gear that I have bought over the last year is laughably large. I sleep in a 2XL Mets t-shirt that I swim in. I think I could easily fit both kids in the t-shirt without an issue and while I am not going out looking for pajamas, I will need some clothes that fit.

But besides the clothing, I don’t need all that much stuff. We’ll do some food shopping because that’s convenient, but Amazon is there for most everything I need.

The running? I’m going to enjoy that. Fresh air, not a lot of pollution after two months of not a lot of cars? I’m going to enjoy that. I’ve wondered over the last couple of months where I might run on that first run back and, frankly, I’m still not sure. I just want to head out, be free to move around and breathe, and see how my legs feel. I might head down the Saone, or up the Saone, or over Fourviere.

As long as it is outside, I’ll be content.

That’s the thing about running, though, right? It’s the most basic thing you can do. One foot in front of the other, move them faster to go faster, keep them moving to go further.

The rest of the world is not going to be the same, but the running will be and that makes for a foundation I can build on.

Bring on tomorrow…