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So in an update to the post of yesterday, instead of waiting until Thursday to go and see the doctor for the numbness in my legs and fingers I called and shifted the appointment to today.

The doctor put me through a series of neurological tests, some sensitivity tests, and some tests of strength for the limbs affected by the numbness and general ‘heaviness’ that I feel. She wasn’t able to determine what was going on but she did order some tests and so I am going to have to organize to get those done now.

She wants two different MRIs: one of my brain, and one for my spine. She’s hoping that these give a better idea of what is going on and reveal what might be causing the issue. She checked over my bloodwork of just a few weeks ago and there’s nothing there that suggests it is related to that, so it is going to be brain or spine or nerve or something.

We’ll see.

I’m not getting too worried yet as this is something that I cannot really control. Once I know what it is? Yeah, then I’ll get concerned and see what I can do to address it. But I’ve never found that worrying about things that you cannot change is a great use of anyone’s time, especially mine.

I’ll keep you in the loop…