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On Saturday I was walking through the park with the baby in the stroller. He fell asleep so I took a break from chatting to him and popped in my AirPods to listen to a podcast while he slept. On came the new episode of the Run the Riot podcast and straightaway it opened with sad news. A member of the ultrarunning community had died. It was all very sad. Complications from surgery had taken the life of David Clark.

David Clark?

Oh man…

David was a real inspiration to me. I first read his book Out There a few years back and his story was so aligned with my own. He had only found ultrarunning after falling so many times in so many ways, he had got past drugs and alcohol that had made his life unmanageable, and he had found himself again in running long.

I listened to him on podcasts, including a great Long Run episode of Ten Junk Miles that I chose as one of my favorite episodes ever when Scott put the question to me in March.

I finished his second book, Broken Open, just last month and the stories he told in it had me riveted. By this point Dave had gone vegan and was a Buddhist. I was all in on the vegan side and I even bought Buddhism for Dummies a couple of weeks ago to try and learn more about that religion.

It’s no lie to say that Dave – from afar – inspired me to run better, eat better, and be better.

And now he’s gone.

I ran some stairs this morning to feel the hurt a little and thought of Dave. He was a superman. We are superman.

I don’t have the right words.

RIP Sober Warrior.

(Image: @wearesuperman Twitter)

  • Distance: 6.2km
  • Time: 45:45
  • Garmin Connect: Link